Weeping Willow Tree

The Miniature Weeping Willow Tree

The weeping willow tree is one of the fastest growing types of shade trees that exist. They can grow as much as ten feet a year and possess not only beauty, but also offer considerable shade from the sun. There are many reasons a botany enthusiast may choose this type of tree for use in the landscape of their home. One is obviously the grace and beauty it adds to any property, or to provide a shady spot to relax or read when temperatures are at their hottest.

These types of trees are generally always in demand due to the value and character they add to one's property. The miniature, or dwarf weeping willow is a variation of this beautiful tree and this variation is increasing in popularity as well. This is due to obvious reasons, such as the fact that they work well on a smaller property, and do not take quite as much work to maintain as larger trees in the willow family. Some homeowners may choose to adorn their property with more than one miniature weeping willow.

Miniature Weeping Willow

These types of trees have the ability to absorb standing water, hence, they are often seen by lakes or rivers, but can grow almost anywhere. They are able to adapt to many different types of soil, and actually do have a very high tolerance to drought. It is however, always a good idea, when considering these types of trees, to consult a hardiness zone chart. This is simply a chart that sections off the country into eleven areas, based on the average lowest temperature for that zone. There is a ten degree temperature difference between each zone. Weeping willow trees, miniature or otherwise, thrive in zones four through nine. As mentioned before, they do survive well in climates that are not necessarily optimum, but they are by no means a tree that should be planted in a city area.

To plant a miniature weeping willow, the hole should be twice the depth and width of the root, and the root should be spread out. The root ball should be level with the ground. When this is accomplished, simply back fill the hole with the original dirt, or potting soil if so desired, and you have just planted a miniature weeping willow tree!

It is worth mentioning that even though these trees are largely chosen for their beauty, folks sometimes buy them for completely practical purposes, such as placing them near trouble water spots, and watching them absorb the unwanted water.

Weeping Willow Tree